This is me

I am a theoretical astroparticle physicist, and work as assistant professor and NWO VIDI research group leader at GRAPPA and IoP at the University of Amsterdam. I get to work on all kinds of fun things related to the fundamental question „What is the Dark Matter in the Universe made of?“, as well as numerous astrophysical questions that lie on the way.


My research interests include indirect searches for dark matter, cosmic-ray propagation, Galactic diffuse gamma-ray emission, pulsars, statistical methods in astronomy, and theoretical particle physics, but I also worked on cosmology and non-equilibrium thermal field theory.

Besides, I am leading the dark matter group in the Gambit collaboration. Our aim is to build the next world-leading tool for global scans of models beyond the standard model. This is a huge effort, but we are getting close and the first public release is expected soon. Stay tuned!

For an overview of my recent work it is best to have a look at my list of publications on inSpire.


  • A bulge population of millisecond pulsars could easily hide from current radio surveys, but prospects for future searches (GBT, MeerKAT, SKA, etc) are great. If the gamma-ray excess at the Galactic center is due to millisecond pulsars, we will find them in radio in the coming years.


  • We found a significantly enhanced clustering of photons in the inner Galaxy, which suggests that thousands of unresolved sources (the best candidates are millisecond pulsars) are responsible for the putative dark matter signal at the Galactic center.

    arXiv:1506.05104 (accepted for Phys.Rev.Lett.)